Keep your Labrador Retriever healthy and happy with following basic care tips.

Brushing - Labradors are very clean and do a good job caring for their coat. Brushing them on a weekly basis is recommended as it will remove loose hair, dirt, sand and other debris. Brushing will give your Labrador a glossy coat as it spreads the oils through his coat. It also gives you a chance to inspect the skin (ticks, fleas, wounds, patches). For ticks pay special attention around the mouth, the ears, in the skinfolds and don't forget to have a look between the toes.

Shampoo - This depends on one's personal preference, the dog's skin condition and the climate. Although Labradors naturally do have a 'doggy' smell in their coat. I suggest at least a monthly scrub with a gentle dog shampoo and to give back the smoothness and shine and nice smell I use conditioner at the end.

Nails - Nails should be inspected regularly and be clipped every other month. If you walk your dog on hard surfaces the nails will get trimmed naturally. If you need to cut the nails please be careful not to hurt them in accidentally cutting the quick. More tips for clipping your Lab's toe nails you can find here:

Ears – Check and clean your Labrador’s ears twice a month to make sure they are healthy. Labs are prone to ear infections because of poor air circulation in the ears.

Teeth – Brush your Lab’s teeth with a canine toothpaste on a daily basis and give him dental chews. This will help prevent disease and pain. Please read more to Long Term Health Effects of Dental Problems in Dogs.

Exercise – Overweight dogs have many health problems and may become under stimulated and bored.  Labs need plenty of exercise just like people,  they need to keep their cardiovascular system and muscles healthy through regular use. For minimum fitness every adult Labrador that has access to a garden should also have a minimum daily walk of at least half an hour, and a longer and more vigourous exercise session (1-2 hours) at least three times a week.

Good Food – Your Lab needs a well balanced daily diet. Provide him with a regular food schedule, and avoid feeding him humane food which can lead to health problems. Consult your Vet about how much dog food you should provide him, and ask what brand the recommend.

Vet Visits – Take your Labrador for regular Vet checkups each year. All vaccines should be up to date, and he should be protected from heart worm.

Good Water – Change the drinking water all the time. Your Labrador needs to stay well hydrated. Drinking water should be clean and without bacteria and dirt.

Safe House – Your Lab can be quite mischievous when he wants to be. Thus, you need to ensure he doesn’t get into any trouble, and keep all potentially dangerous household items out of his reach. This includes: chemicals, plants, garbage, sharp objects and electrical wires.


"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies."

Gene Hill

"Until one has loved an animal, part of one's soul remains unawakened."

Anatole France

"Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog."

Charles Duran

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