GC Labradors Stud Policy

Payment for the stud service  is due at the time of mating or at the time of semen collection for an artificial insemination. If you transfer funds to my bank account, please do this 2 days before the appointment and send me a remittance to info@gclabradors.com.au.

Once payment has been received we will provide a signed service certificate and a receipt for your payment.

The stud fee covers two matings, generally performed 24-48 hours apart. No natural matings. Chilled, fresh, or frozen semen available. All costs associated to collection and analysis of the semen, progesterone testing of the bitch, artificial insemination is carried by the owner of the bitch.

It also is the responsibility of the bitch owner to ensure the bitch is ready for mating. I recommend having the bitch progesterone tested 2-3 times at the vet.

The stud fee is not refundable, however if the bitch fails to fall pregnant or has only one live puppy, a free return mating is offered. The return mating will be for the same stud dog. Please note that the size of the litter is generally determined by the fertility of the bitch.

Advance notice of a potential mating is recommended however I will try to accommodate urgent requests where prior notice has not been given.

I need to know a week in advance

  • When do you plan to breed from her
  • Progesterone test results
  • We require copies of the bitch’s pedigree, hip and elbow scores, and a full breed profile