Guardians Wanted

We are looking to find a loving family home for female and male puppies to share ownership.

What is Guardianship?

Our guardianship program is a great opportunity for people to own a healthy and sound puppy, on main register that is part of our breeding program.

The guardian dogs are raised as pets in a caring loving home from 8 weeks throughout the breeding career in their loving forever guardian homes. We would like to use both female and male Labrador puppies for our breeding program.

After age 1 we will get the hips and elbows scored and assess if she/he is a candidate for breeding. We will test for genetic traits and diseases to ensure we only breed from healthy dogs. We will keep the breeding rights for a set amount of time (each situation is different so we prefer to work out specific details with each family on an individual basis written in a contract). Guardian dogs have a short breeding career (females maximal 3 litters, dogs until age of 6).

Once the guardian dog/bitch has completed his/her career, Dogs Queensland registration papers will be transferred.

Benefits to the Guardian Home Family

  • Families can have a top quality, genetically screened, hip and elbow scored, sound and healthy Labrador Retriever
  • Guardian puppies are the pick of the litter chosen by the breeder
  • Pay less for a female dog in guardianship
  • Guardians can schedule family trips and holidays while the fur baby is whelping and raising puppies (without the cost and worry of boarding)
  • Guardians will be able to come and play with the puppies and their fur baby while the fur baby is whelping and raising puppies
  • With each litter whelped (if more than 3 alive puppies) guardians will get the opportunity to keep one of the puppies or receive a monetary gift
  • With each litter successfully sired guardians will receive a monetary gift as a thank you

Why do we do this?

By keeping the number of dogs living full time with us to a legal maximum of 5 we can ensure that each of our dogs get the love, attention, exercise and training that they need. And we are able to use our own offspring to build up our breeding line.

We would not want to ‘retire’ our dogs once they are finished with their ‘work’ and rather want to give them their well earned forever homes. As we are limited in numbers we thought this could be a potential benefit to us and  the guardian dogs. All our guradian dogs will live with their family in their forever home from right the beginning, without the trauma of rehoming.

What is involved – Males

We will borrow your male guardian dog from time to time, for a few hours at the time. It is best if you live on the Gold Coast or close. We would like to use him as a stud up to age 6.

What is involved – Females

Close to age of 2 years she will come to our house while she is on heat and we will mate her to a stud. She will be able to return to the guardian home after the mating.We will breed from her female 2-3 litters (as agreed in a contract).

We will be fully responsible for all costs related to breeding (vet, ultrasound, caesarean, nutrition) during the period of pregnancy and whelping.

In the 7-8th week of pregnancy she will come back to our home to whelp and raise her puppies until the puppies are going home to their forever homes (at age 8 weeks). This might be a long time for you and you are welcome to be a big part of it and visit your fur baby. These 8 weeks could be an opportunity to go on a holiday without paying boarding fees.

We will give her back to you after she has given birth and the puppies have found their new forever homes. You will get a puppy from every litter for yourself or the sales price (if more than 2 puppies were sold). It is best if you live on the Gold Coast or close by.

Please contact us if you want to find out more.